The Guild Season 3 Finale Review – complete with face to face twitter break-up

Check your twitter, your dumped!

Check your twitter, I just broke up with you!

Season 3 of The Guild is over, and went out with an entertaining and side-splitting finale. Without providing any spoilers (apart from the picture above? :Ed) I think a new wave of face to face twitter break-ups will be upon us. Also an appearance from the more racy Codex (as seen in the music video below) really made this episode miles ahead of previous season finales (season 1 finale was a bit, budget). I guess all that looting of Microsoft’s gold finally paid off as this web series has become a full quality series up there with the best of traditional televised comedy shows (providing you are a gamer of course).

Being an Xbox Live gold member has had its privileges for Season 3 viewers of The Guild entitling us to full HD via the Xbox dashboard, but I think the audience could have been much bigger if they didn’t sign a Microsoft exclusive agreement. YouTube should have jumped on this deal first as Bing/MSN/Xbox video is not the best way of reaching the type of viewers of a web series. Either way its the content that won us all over and The Guild gets my vote for the Open Web Awards Best Online Video Web Series. Cast your vote now whilst enjoying The Guild’s hit music video below.

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