Team Fortress 2 WAR – choose your side

My TF2 WAR contributions, 86 demomen down so far

My TF2 WAR contributions, 88 demomen down so far

Valve have come up with a creative pre class update, enticing hoards of TF2 activity before and no doubt after this double class patch for Soldier and Demoman. WAR was declared officialy, after a great teaser comic bringing life and character to the previously anonymous announcer’s voice. Pitting The Soldier against The Demoman in all out war, whilst Steam accurately logs every kill of each class, Valve is offering an unknown weapon for the side that tally’s the most kills. Since this announcement,  I have picked up my rocket launcher determined to fight the good fight for The Soldier.

A favourite class of mine, which I have put the most time into playing, picking a side was therefore easy, killing The Demoman however has proved to be a lot harder. The grenade spam that comes out of this Scottish, eye patch wearing, now declared sworn enemy is difficult to dodge and appears to be on endless supply as we patiently reload after 4 rockets. I found 2Fort to be the most efficient place to kill Demomen, and will continue to play here untill I rack up enough kills despite my love of payload maps Badwater and Goldrush.

As of yesterday night we appear to be in the lead, 1,429,578 dead Soldiers to 1,555,745 dead Demomen. Despite these confident figures I await today’s results, with the never ending sticky bombs from The Demoman I fear my mere 88 war contribution is not enough! So I am off to 2Fort, I must continue fighting through tonight and the rest of the week if that’s what it takes.

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