Quake 2 on Android – Silky smooth on Droid / Milestone

Thanks to Sein for the heads up and http://sites.google.com/site/quake2android/ for the hard work, I now have Quake 2 running on my Droid. As you can see in my YouTube video above this runs perfectly smooth between 30 and 40 fps, occasionally dropping to sub 20 in fire fights. Using the D-pad to strafe, move and shoot, whilst the touch screen acts as a mouse to look around, Quake 2 is actually very playable, although a lot more difficult without a real mouse and keyboard. Word from Sein is it’s a tad buggy on the Google Nexus One, with missing textures and low frame rates.

Now if only iD Software would release an official Quake 2 on Android Market, or any quake/doom series. John Carmack is clearly spending all his time writing iPhone apps, but I guess there is a lot more money there to be spent by the ‘casual’ mobile gaming crowd that apple has locked down. But with time, as Android appears on more and more devices, Android Market should start to become a profitable and attractive arena for publishers. Untill then, this great Quake 2 port to will help kill the time.

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