Grand Theft Auto : Episodes from Liberty City Performance Issues

To stay above that smooth 60 fps, you need to turn off Shadow Quality

With the recent release of Grand Theft Auto : Episodes from Liberty City for PC (and PS3), as well as “Rockstar Week” on Steam, I along with many others are back in the world of Liberty City. For those (few) who did not purchase the Xbox 360 exclusive last year for whatever reason, are now able to revisit Liberty City for some fine DLC for one of the greatest games of all time, Grand Theft Auto 4.

The DLC has so much more than the usual down-loadable content we are seeing lately. In fact it feels like a full game, actually scrap that, two full games, not only for the depth of each of the episodes “The Lost and Damned” and “The Ballad of Gay Tony” but for the standalone package format it has been released in. That’s right you don’t even need to have purchased the original GTA IV to enjoy Episodes from Liberty City, although if you have been hiding under a rock and missed out on GTA IV then I highly recommend playing it through before visiting the new episodes.

GTA 4 settings used in the benchmarking

The problem I am finding even after my discoveries in my initial GTA IV performance report, is back again, Grand Theft Auto still runs at a very low frame rate. With the release of Episodes from Liberty City for PC, the original GTA IV and the Episodes have been patched with a new and ‘improved’ scalable shadow solution. Great I thought, a new less memory-intensive, and better looking shadow solution sounds perfect, just what we need to keep the frame rate above 60fps for a smooth cruise around the faux New York that is Liberty City. The problem is performance is still low with “Shadow Quality” at all settings, and the new “Night Shadows” option make things even worse. Back to the benchmarking to test out this new improved shadow patch!

Taking a look at the figures above the only way I managed to maintain a playable 60+ frames per second was to turn off shadow quality completely. The frame rate drops below 60 fps even with shadow quality set to “Low”, and begins to fall rapidly with each toggle in shadow and night shadow quality increase, dropping to an extremely jerky 43 fps on the “Very High” setting. GTA 4 has never been a smooth ride for PC owners, and even on the test bed here at gamdo HQ, a Radeon 5870 and Intel Q9550 @ 3.4GHZ struggles to keep a constant frame rate. Has the patch made a difference? To performance I would say no, but when turned on shadow quality does improve image quality and shadows are less glitchy, but that is a judgment I can only make by sight, with no hard facts to back it up.

Either way Liberty City still looks beautiful on the PC, well worth the wait for those that held out from playing the Xbox 360 exclusive, even with the shadow quality setting turned off. The city is full off hustle and bustle and crime is still as entertaining as it was in GTA IV, the new episodes are fresh and filled with new story, crazy new characters and plenty of achievements to grab. So I’m off back to Liberty City, shadows turned off and Beat 102.7 turned on.

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    Grand Theft Auto is so damn addicting game. I play 8 hours a day of GTA.–‘

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    the latest version of Grand Theft Auto have more detail on its graphics, nicely done.:~`

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    i used to play Grand Theft Auto a lot but i kind of got busy these days so i dont play it anymore~”‘

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  6. #6 by Natalie White on December 13, 2010 - 7:20 pm

    in my opinion, Grand Theft Auto is super addictive based from my experience ~:-

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