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The Art of Mass Effect – Book Review

I’m a big fan of game art books, actually I’m a big fan of any books relating to the game industry (yes real life books, made out of paper). For another new feature here at gamdo, I will make it my quest to seek out, read,  review and recommend as many game related books worthy of your hard earned credits, bottle caps or plain old cash. It’s a difficult genre to find reviews or recommendations on, and there are certainly very few top 10 ‘gamer books’ lists online (The New York Times Books website skipped this genre, strange?). Most books about gaming atop the Amazon best seller list are guides, by Prima, and they pretty much suck.

The Art of Mass Effect, a great book for any ME fan

Saying that, Prima produced a must have title with “The Art Of Mass Effect”. If you’re a fan of the game, or even if you just played it once, this is one book that you will want to buy, read and keep forever. The Mass Effect universe is a dazzling sci-fi masterpiece, giving us near movie quality visuals, locations, characters and cut scenes not seen in any game before. Infact Mass Effect is more like playing the star in a Sci-fi movie. This makes it easy to play through the entire game without noticing how much hard work was put into the art, instead concentrating on the hugely addictive and rewarding game-play, after all it is a game!

The Art of Mass Effect, a Limited Edition art book will take you back to places you passed through in Mass Effect, bringing back gaming memories like an old holiday photo reminds you of trips you’ve taken years ago. Flicking through the pages you will begin to realise what goes into creating such a fascinating and convincing game world. Every detail is sketched, painted, then re sketched and painted again, until a final design is no doubt argued over and finally chosen, from prospering planets to futuristic furniture and alien clothing to double barreled guns (a signature trait seen throughout all weapons in the Mass Effect world).

With just enough text to keep you interested with a brief intro and history to each piece of art, and enough pages of images to keep you occupied for a few hours, this is a great book for every Mass Effect fan. It also hold’s a big secret that the internet buzzed about for ages, what does the Quarian Tali look like under that mask? The only way to find out is to pickup a copy from your favorite online retailer, although due to it being limited edition, it can be hard to find, but well worth the hunt.

A book worthy of everyone’s collection, but good luck finding a copy.

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