Starcraft 2 Midnight London Launch or Preload?

Midnight queue's or preload from the comfort of your home?

Starcraft II is almost here, and you’ve already decided you’ll be playing this game non-stop for the foreseeable. But have you decided how you’ll be buying the game? With the option to pre-download via the super power that is Blizzard, order online from your favourite retailer or venture out into the heart of London’s Oxford Street for the midnight launch (no Steam for this game I’m afraid) there is plenty of choice.

Well if you can’t decide, or just too lazy to queue up like an Apple fan boy for an iPhone launch, then sit back and watch this space. Two of Gamdo’s very own reporter’s will be on-site tomorrow (26th July 2010) to report and photo the midnight launch. If you want to meet us there check out the full details on Blizzards London launch page here, then head on down to Game on Oxford Street, then send us a tweet when you’re there. We will be the two guys, hopefully at the front of the queue. My life for AIUR

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