Fallout New Vegas performance issues

Fallout New Vegas (PC) has a serious issue with performance. Dropping below a playable frame rate every time NPC’s are around, and generally performing jerky and sluggish. A quick fix which worked for me was to download d3d9.dll from here, paste it into your Program Files/Steam/Steamapps/Common/Fallout New Vegas folder. Load up Fallout NV and away you go, perfectly smooth frame rate!

I was a tad reluctant to install this .dll, as reading around various forums some comments suggested it wasn’t legit. But desperate to enjoy the wasteland and the New Vegas strip, as I’m sure you are, I gave it a chance and it works great. If only I had this .dll whilst playing Fallout 3 Point Look Out DLC, which for me had the same crappy performance.

Reading around this is probably a Windows 7/Vista specific problem, as everyone with Windows XP seems to have no trouble. This in my eyes also validates the authenticity of this .dll fix, as it is supposed to force DirectX 9 and ignore any DX10/11 issues. It sucks having to force DirectX 9 on such modern hardware, but Fallout still looks great on this ageing engine. Happy questing.

UPDATE : A new patch has arrived as of 9th Nov 2010 which seems to have fixed the performance issues mentioned above. I have removed d3d9.dll from my Fallout New Vegas directory, Steam auto applied the patch and I can confirm theĀ frame rateĀ is perfectly smooth now. I’ve also noticed since removing this d3d9.dll image quality is much better, most noticeably on the weapons in your FOV, anyone else feel the same?

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