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London BarCraft

I must apologize, I’ve not had much to say lately here on gamdo, but there is good game related reason. I’ve been playing StarCraft II, watching StarCraft II tournaments, watching VODS, following SC2 casters and pro’s on youtube, twitter and generally getting involved in the ‘community’.

Since the SC2 launch night that myself and G-r0 attended and covered here on gamdo over a year ago I’ve been playing, and it’s a great game. It feels like the second coming of Quake 3 for me, the community, the pro scene. Infact, its bigger, because back then we had no youtube,, no twitter or MLG and no internet faster than ISDN. It’s a shame I’m not 16 again, because I would be able to play for 16hours a day 24/7 like I did back with Quake 3.

So anyway, StarCraft II is an RTS (real time strategy) game where 2 or more players build a base, then an army and then send them at each other to war. This is how I had to explain it to the girl behind the bar on Sunday, at the first (I think its the first?) BarCraft event in London. BarCraft is a when people go to a bar, and watch StarCraft live streams, luckily the term was invented in America as PubCraft would have sounded stupid. Thanks to @LondonBarCraft who organised it and thanks to @djWHEAT who retweeted during this weekends MLG, reaching out to his 25k plus followers. I could go on but instead I made this little video which should tell the story. Enjoy. Marines are OP!

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