We are a small team of ‘Hardcore PC Gamers’, whatever that term means nowadays (we dont play FarmVille is a good start). We also play console, mainly Xbox. We primarily use a PS3 as a ‘dust’ indicator. We stopped playing Wii after the moment we realized you could sit down and wiggle your wrist, we then proceeded to drool at, then buy Kinect, only for it to become another ‘dust’ indicator. We often buy overpriced mouse mats, drain the national grid with our graphics card power requirements and wear Blizzard T-Shirts indicating our StarCraft race.

Why not stop by and meet the team for more of our gaming history. You should also stalk us on twitter, but if thats not your thing we can usually be found idle or not on steam, on xbox live, @LondonBarCraft, on BattleNet (chat channel London BarCraft) or in the toilet playing XGalaga.


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