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Art Lebedev Tetrius Review – The Tetris fridge magnet every gamer should 0wn.

As a gamer and a geek, I often find myself searching for stuff that can lie around the real world reminding myself and others that I’m a gamer, and a geek. In my quest to help you guys (and girls) fill the decorative hole in your home, office or basement, I will be reviewing as much geekery that I can find, as well as bringing you all my usual reviews and views of the gaming world.

Art Lebedev is one of my favorite artists. Combining geek and design, Art Lebedev creates everything from sleek websites to cool looking microwaves as well as all kinds of weird and wonderful geekery. Tetrius is one of Art Lebedev’s greatest products, in tribute to one of the greatest games of all time, Tetris. A fridge magnet that deserves a place on everyone’s fridge, Tetrius offers you one of the only ways to game and make a sandwich.

Tetrius comes with seven multicoloured pieces, each piece consists of four elements combined in every way possible. The build quality of each block is quite high, although the magnet is not the strongest. Enough to attach to a fridge and not fall off, but I would have preferred a stronger grip. Instructions are in english and russian, should you require them?

I must warn you now, Tetrius will consume your time in the kitchen. Every visit to the fridge involves a re-arrange of the pieces, in an epic fail attempt to get four lines in a row (there’s just not enough pieces). I recommend making space by removing all other unnecessary magnets from your fridge, after all Tetrius is a piece of art and requires the white space of your fridge surface to make it really stand out and shine.

Tetrius makes a great gift for any gamer in your life, it also makes a great gift for yourself. Shipping from russia can be quite expensive from Art Lebedev so be sure to checkout their full range and make the most of that delivery. I will soon follow up with a review of other Art Lebedev products to inspire your shopping spree, until then keep Tetrius in your basket.

9/10 The ultimate gamer geekery, every fridge needs Tetrius.

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