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New Super Mario Bros Wii…for kids?


Mario has arrived. The sole reason I decided to repurchase a Wii, ok maybe not the sole reason.

News of a black Wii arriving in europe spread and I wanted to find an excuse to get the dark console. I was a BIG fan of New Super Mario Bros on the DS, countless hours spent re-running the levels to get those 3 big coins hidden in corners unreachable at first glance. So the console has just sat there, dust gathering on the once shiny piano black plastic, awaiting the arrival of this no doubt christmas best seller.

And here it is, arrived on release day thanks to ebuyer who now do a decent pre order game service a la But is this game for kids as pointed out by a Wii owning impulse purchasing casual gaming colleague? Will it be the dissapointment that Mario Kart Wii was compared to the DS and NES versions, a dumbed down over the top luck of the power up brawl? As I wonder I also realise my G1 wordpress app is feeling the strain of this first proper post which has extended further than I predicted. NSMB Wii thoughts after the break…


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