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Limbo Walkthrough Guide – Stuck on Xbox Indie hit Limbo?

Ok Limbo is tough. Real tough. And if you don’t like spider’s, then you will find it even harder! Limbo has a HUGE spider, arachnophobia sufferers will NOT like this game, WARNING! Apart from the spider, making it through this summer of arcade hit is still mad difficult, so I’m posting up a few walkthrough’s. Here are a few of my antics in Limbo so far, more are coming, check back here and on my Youtube page for more as I upload them.

Above : This is an easy achievement, Wrong Way, just go left as soon as the game starts! Simples.

Above : Here you need to go backwards to go forwards, drag the crate back to the trees!

Above : Taking out the spider is tough, and scary! The trick is to get the spider to bang the ground a couple of times, this drops the bare trap, go back for it, push it towards the spider and do some damage! Watch and learn spider slayers.

Above : Part 1 of the water puzzle! Easily solved

Above : Part 2 of the water puzzle.

Above : More water puzzles, the trick is not to let too much water through!

Above : Children who play with glass houses, erm, what is the saying?

Above : Go left first, and watch your head.

For a full detailed step by step walkthrough, checkout DIYgamer’s guide.

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The Art of Mass Effect – Book Review

I’m a big fan of game art books, actually I’m a big fan of any books relating to the game industry (yes real life books, made out of paper). For another new feature here at gamdo, I will make it my quest to seek out, read,  review and recommend as many game related books worthy of your hard earned credits, bottle caps or plain old cash. It’s a difficult genre to find reviews or recommendations on, and there are certainly very few top 10 ‘gamer books’ lists online (The New York Times Books website skipped this genre, strange?). Most books about gaming atop the Amazon best seller list are guides, by Prima, and they pretty much suck.

The Art of Mass Effect, a great book for any ME fan

Saying that, Prima produced a must have title with “The Art Of Mass Effect”. If you’re a fan of the game, or even if you just played it once, this is one book that you will want to buy, read and keep forever. The Mass Effect universe is a dazzling sci-fi masterpiece, giving us near movie quality visuals, locations, characters and cut scenes not seen in any game before. Infact Mass Effect is more like playing the star in a Sci-fi movie. This makes it easy to play through the entire game without noticing how much hard work was put into the art, instead concentrating on the hugely addictive and rewarding game-play, after all it is a game!

The Art of Mass Effect, a Limited Edition art book will take you back to places you passed through in Mass Effect, bringing back gaming memories like an old holiday photo reminds you of trips you’ve taken years ago. Flicking through the pages you will begin to realise what goes into creating such a fascinating and convincing game world. Every detail is sketched, painted, then re sketched and painted again, until a final design is no doubt argued over and finally chosen, from prospering planets to futuristic furniture and alien clothing to double barreled guns (a signature trait seen throughout all weapons in the Mass Effect world).

With just enough text to keep you interested with a brief intro and history to each piece of art, and enough pages of images to keep you occupied for a few hours, this is a great book for every Mass Effect fan. It also hold’s a big secret that the internet buzzed about for ages, what does the Quarian Tali look like under that mask? The only way to find out is to pickup a copy from your favorite online retailer, although due to it being limited edition, it can be hard to find, but well worth the hunt.

A book worthy of everyone’s collection, but good luck finding a copy.

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Red Dead Redemption – How To Duel

Draw your gun, paint your enemy with WHITE crosshairs. Simple

Dueling on Red Dead Redemption is very simple, yet has given myself and many others enough grief to warrant this quick ‘How To’.

The basic concept is to draw your gun using LT (on Xbox 360), then aim using the right analogue stick (RS on Xbox 360). Mark your enemy with as many white crosshairs as possible in different places, this will build your blue meter on the right hand side of the screen. Providing the blue meter is higher than your dueling opponents red meter you will win. So simple, yet can easily end up in death if you fail to paint enough white crosshairs on your enemy. Once you follow this basic pattern you will win every duel, providing you are quicker than your enemy, which isn’t too difficult. White crosshairs on your enemy indicate a perfect shot over a red crosshair, waiting a split second will ensure the red crosshair turns to white, then move on to aim at a different part of the body.

Remember to wait for DRAW to appear onscreen, this will give you the fame you deserve, draw too early and you will lose honor, but you will still win! Additionally you can shoot the gun out of someones hand mid duel with a carefully marked white crosshair, gaining you honor. I hope this helps you walk the wild west with confidence, giddy up cowboy!

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Left 4 Dead 2 – The Passing DLC Review

The latest DLC for Left 4 Dead 2 is out. We waited patiently all day, and here it is. Normally the release is too late to play and I end up waiting till the next day, but the download started around 11pm (UK) and after some slow transfer rates due to my ‘new’ connection it finally completed, along with most of my L4D2 buddies.

We just finished the new campaign ‘The Passing’ which is the main bulk of the free DLC (free for PC, 560points for Xbox 360). There were plenty of us online waiting for this DLC so four of us hit the servers quick, finishing the campaign in around 30 minutes or so. There are some great scenes, without spoiling it and revealing too much, all I will say is wow, the sewers are great! I’ve not touched L4D2 for a while, but coming back to it after all this time with the new DLC really brought back some fond memories of first playing the original Left 4 Dead. Good times!

What I was expecting to be the highlight, left me a little disappointed. The dialogue between the old L4D characters and the new the first time round was just not as hype as I thought it would be, but on a mass team death, repeating the final battle there was some witty banter aimed at Rochelle from the original L4D characters, nice touch Valve. Although playing as Coach (I always try to) I was subject to some stick being accused of being her dad? All in good jest, no stereotyping at all Valve?!

The Passing DLC for Left 4 Dead 2 is a great freebie, offering some new weekly modes which look interesting, but most of all an entire new campaing which is well worth playing. The final scene is the usual epic battle, but with a little help from some old friends and laser sights, and the sewers, the sewers are wow! What more can you ask for, and all for free? Valve keeping up the good work and keeping us customers happy, long after putting down our hard earned cash.

9/10 For DLC, sorry for free DLC, what more can you ask for? Valve hit the nail on the head again, great campaign!

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Dirt 2 Review – What happened to rally games?

I’ve always been a fan of rally games, real rally games that is. One of my greatest gaming moments was on Rally Championship PC nearly a decade ago. Twenty minutes into a sunny forest rally, I lost second gear due no doubt to my granny shifting (just like real life). With a good few minutes left of the course, I was forced to maintain speed in third and fourth gear. Slowing down was not an option, without a second gear available I needed to stay in a high gear or end up dropping all the way down to first and crawling along the finish line, losing my position and hard work for the last twenty minutes of perfect rallying.

I crossed that finish line, I maintained enough speed so as not to drop gear and it was exhilarating, racing at full throttle to victory, one of my fondest gaming memories. For those last few minutes I felt like a rally driver, I was so immersed in the game making critical rally decisions, carrying on to the end in a broken car, a scenario that I guess all rally drivers have experienced.

But now we have the new generation of rally games, Dirt 2. Don’t get me wrong Dirt 2 is fun, but only for 25% of the time. Dirt 2 is totally sexed up, it screams X games and feels like someone from the skate boarding world came along and started adding bits until the actual rally game was left hidden behind the liveries (car stickers), rock music, partying, fireworks and radio chatter. Ken Block and his buddies shouting abuse over the in game radio does nothing other than annoy you.

Where there is rallying, Dirt 2 is great, the handling is spot on (unlike the first Dirt which felt like cars sliding around on an ice rink) and the graphics are gorgeous. This was the Directx 11 show case game. After all it came bundled with my Radeon 5870 (well a Steam download code came inside the box) and really shows off some of the Directx 11 features like realistic cloth, of which you end up not even noticing when screaming around at 100mph, but at least its there advancing the background from the days of 2D stick trees!

Either way it looks great and runs perfectly smooth at a constant 60fps now, thanks to the latest Catalyst 10.3 update. I first played Dirt 2 when the demo came out for Xbox Live gold members last summer, but the latest ATI drivers gave me reason to come back to this game on PC and play it all the way through. Ok there are no 30 minute rally sessions with realistic wear and tear to engine, gears and suspension, but I’ve learnt not to expect that anymore. What is disappointing about Dirt 2 is all the other so called ‘rally’ events.

Landrush, domination, rally cross, gate crasher and last man standing have absolutely nothing to do with rallying. The vehicles in Landrush are slow, handle like crap and sound like whirring annoying machinery not roaring throaty rally cars. Domination and last man standing feel like last minute add ons to give some variety but just end up being tedious game modes to play through until the rallying starts again. Gate crasher is another gimmick, which I very much doubt has ever been a real life event. Rally cross, a multiple lap based mode around short tracks set around various non rally locations such as London’s Battersea Power Station do nothing other than showcase the engine’s lighting effects.

If you can stick it out and play through or avoid all these extra game modes, then you can enjoy some beautiful scenery and some great rallying around the jungles of Malaysia and the green forests of Croatia. Ignoring the fireworks at the end of each race there is a hidden joy behind all the X games style overlay and rock music. Ignoring Ken Block and his friends chatter, jump in the MKII Escort and power through the long China countryside and this becomes a great rally game. It could have been so much greater without all these extra’s if they had just focused on the rallying, instead of these extras which only cater towards selling the game to kids who want a quick fix of so called off road rallying.

7.5/10 No longer a Rally game, but worth playing for a few classic rally moments.

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Game Room for Xbox & Games for Windows Live

Microsoft are throwing gamerscore at you to spend time in your Game Room

Game Room has launched today on both Xbox Live and Games for Windows Live. The idea is you fill your virtual ‘Game Room’ with oldskool arcades, reminisce the arcade era, invite your friends over to play together (online), set challenges and have fun like it was the 80’s, but from the comfort of your actual real world game room/basement/office.

So no stepping in chewing gum or wasting coin after coin of your pocket money? Wrong, apart from the not stepping in chewing gum bit. Yes you still have to pay, for each arcade, and to be honest, nearly 20 years on, these games are just not as fun as they used to be. In fact its hard to remember why these games were fun back then, I guess we are so spoilt with today’s photo realistic graphics and rag-doll physics that we forget how far things have moved on.

You can try before you buy of course, a quick demo on a few of the titles available at today’s launch and boredom struck me. These games are just too basic. So I began to wander around my arcade and started adding themes and placing decor, which I should add, nets you some free gamescore. Further boredom struck, so I decided to fire up Game Room on the PC and the Xbox simultaneously for some side by side PC vs Xbox comparisons. Check out my YouTube Video below.

The first thing I was impressed with was the fact that across both platforms, my Game Room was identical. No separate settings or achievements list for each platform like most games that appear on both PC and Xbox (Fallout 3, Dirt 2 etc). Microsoft have made Game Room appear as one across both platforms, allowing seemless jumping from console to PC, and I’m guessing this is part of their 3 screens moto, no doubt with Windows Phone 7 Series having similar compatibility, eventually.

I also noticed how much crisper and smoother Game Room was on the PC. With anti aliasing switched on, and a higher resolution over the Xbox, my Game Room looked and felt better on PC. Of course there are no such options to play with on the Xbox 360 version, the default resolution felt quite low, much lower than the 1080 my Xbox was set too. Loading times are pretty similar but the PC does have a slight advantage as expected. I also noticed some slight jerks on the Xbox when moving from arcade to arcade especially heavily active arcades. I know there have been teething problems with this launch, which might also explain why 2 achievements I gained have not been saved to my account, strange?

Overall Game Room is a bit of a let down, despite Microsoft’s efforts on pulling together a cool idea which is really well implemented, especially the cross platform part. The problem is the games are just not fun, that’s not Microsoft’s fault, but the games are what we go into our Game Rooms for and now, in 2010, we have grown to expect so much more, so much so that some basic 2d sprites just dont cut it anymore.

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BioShock 2 Multiplayer Review – Spliced up fun

I cannot hide, the evidence shows I actually play BioShock 2 multiplayer

What a shock. BioShock 2 multiplayer is actually good fun. I normally wouldn’t even try the multiplayer on a title so ground in single player roots, but as I’m an achievement whore the lure of some quick gamerscore quickly drew me in.

After finishing the brief single player game, which is nothing to write home about, I quickly scanned the achievement list and realised a good chunk are gained from racking up some easy multiplayer time. I remember reading reviews thinking who will play that, BioShock multiplayer, bah! Hours later, I’ve managed to reach Rank 10, and play a match on EVERY map. Sad, no, because BioShock 2 multiplayer is actually great. Ok it is laggy as hell, the frame rate seems to be low no matter what graphic settings you choose (despite the single player running perfectly smooth) and the fov feels like 75? But despite this, I kept at it and I must admit I’m slightly addicted (spliced up?).

I think its the Call of Duty style killstreak, trials and loadout array that keeps me playing, or maybe the games for windows live achievements? Heck I’m trying to find an excuse but the truth is freezing enemies with one hand whilst you line up some headshots with your pistol on the other hand is just pure entertainment.

And then there’s the big daddy mode. The big daddy suit makes Quad Damage feel like bringing a knife to a gun fight. Randomly a big daddy suit will appear in the battlefield with a player wide notification, this is when you search like mad and find the glowing gold goodness. Once suited up, you gain all the benefits of the big daddy, lots and lots of armour and a really powerful rivet gun, with a secondary grenade launcher. You can walk around stomping the ground (just press jump to take out splicers nearby) or fire the rapid and powerful rivet gun at swarms of splicers racking up huge killstreaks. Everyone does seem to want to take you down when your the big daddy (I wonder why?) but for the minute or so you wear this suit its a great experience.

My favourite mode though is Capture the Sister, your basic Capture the flag style game mode but with a twist, a lovable little sister has to be protected or captured. This results in hilarious sprints across the weird and wonderful world of Rapture with a little sister hoisted on your back, whilst being attacked by strangely outfitted, pyjama clad and lunatic spliced up men and women shouting outrageous swear words whilst simultaneously photographing dead bodies for research bonus mid fight. Something you cannot resist stopping to do despite knowing someone is bound to attack you from around the next corner.

BioShock 2 single player was a bit of a let down, it felt like BioShock but with very little change. The first BioShock was award winning when it first came out, but in 2010 it just feels like the same game. But this time around you have this witty multiplayer mode to keep you occupied and exploring Rapture for a while longer. Will it revolutionize professional multiplayer gaming? No, but it will make you smile, and that is what makes BioShock 2 multiplayer worthy of your time.

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Forza Motorsport 3 – How to move up the leaderboard

Want to rise up the leaderboards? Make sure you are top of your class!

Forza Motorsport, the greatest car simulator series on the Xbox (we don’t have Gran Turismo) has taken the most hours out of my consoles apparent short life span. I missed out on Forza 1 as I skipped the first generation Xbox. So I first came in to contact with the series, like most with Forza Motorsport 2, and could not put it down until I worked my way up past level 35’ish, only to retire as soon as my pre order of Forza Motorsport 3 arrived.  Although it has a more arcade feel, is slightly easier to drive and forgivingly lets you rewind when you screw up, Forza 3 is a lot more fun and less of a trudge. Easily the best car game on the Xbox for the enthusiast or casual driver.

I’m currently a level 42 driver working my way to the top through the season play. One day casually pottering around the leaderboards, to my horror I found a new Xbox Live friend (who had only just bought the game) high above me. In fact everyone I knew was above me on the leaderboards, yet everyone was a lower driver level than me and had put less time into the game. I initially thought either my lap times must be poor or everyone else was The Stig. On closer inspection I had some decent hot laps above most of my Xbox Live friends. Puzzled I examined the way the scoreboards work and spent a few hours claiming back my throne.

The trick is simple, if you are going to do a lap, and want a chance of posting a decent time on the leaderboards to maintain your position or climb higher up, you need to have the fastest car within the class. Using a low in class car is going to have a negative effect on your overall leaderboard position no matter how well you drive. All those career mode events where I used a slow in class car, pushed me down the leaderboards. It is so obvious and simple that I overlooked it!

The leaderboards are divided up by car class, R1, R2, R3, S, A, B, C, D, E, F, take a quick scroll to the top of any leaderboard and you will notice everyone up there has the highest possible number next to there car class letter. So whenever I race now, I pick a car near to the class limit from my garage, and modify it as hard as I can to get as close to the next class as possible without going too far to rollover from say B to A. So get modifying, maximise your car to within the class limit and the rest is down to you, your skill as a driver and how you hit that apex, see you at the top!

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