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How to bind the arrow keys in Battlefield 3

Bind the Up, Down, Left or Right keys, turn OFF Num Lock.

This one is simple so I will get straight to the point so you don’t have to trawl through the EA Battlefield 3 forums. If you want to bind the ARROW keys in BF3 you need to have Num Lock OFF. If you leave num lock ON you will get the error message ID_InvalidEnumValue. I hope this helps you get into the game with keys other than WASD. Not everyone plays WASD as we found in Mass Effect 2, some of us prefer the arrow keys.

As for the rest of the the Battlefied 3 beta, I’m pretty pissed off that the options menu can ONLY be accessed whilst in game. You need to find somewhere to hide, which is difficult and ends up with abuse from other players calling you a camper when they find and shoot you down. Why on earth would you only be allowed to access the options menu whilst in game, it is the worst time to be binding your keys, changing your graphic settings and adjusting your mouse sensitivity. Who tests this stuff? Who thought that was a good idea? It creates a server full of newbs doing nothing but testing binds and graphics settings, and free kills for other newbs. I know it is a beta, but how did this get past alpha with such a basic flaw?

Anyway moving on, the web based interface is ok as I got used to this with Quake Live, so not much to say on that. Generally it works although a few times I have had the A generic game error was reported, please try again. ( code: 1) message but this just seems to be random, keep trying and eventually you can get on a server. Otherwise try clicking the MULTIPLAYER text rather than the QUICK MATCH button, this will bring up a manual server browser and has prooved to throw up less errors than the match making of ‘QUICK MATCH’.

Keep retrying, or failing that, click Multiplayer for a manual server browser

This is really where you want to be to select a game anyway, the server browser. After all match making and quick match are for console gamers right? Here you can select a server of your choice, see the stats before you jump in. Well hidden EA!

Oh look, a server browser, well hidden EA!

So how is the beta? It’s ok, I wasn’t a fan of and still am not a fan of COD/BF style multiplayer but hey, its something to do other than StarCraft 2 right? GG

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Mass Effect 2 – Can’t Bind The Delete Key?

How to bind the delete key, dont give up it is possible!

The first annoying bug I have found in Mass Effect 2 is not being able to bind the Delete key, as pressing it deletes any key binding. Despite its popularity, not everyone uses the traditional W A S D key layout, some of us use the strangest set of keys for movement. Before you shout ‘what NEWB uses up, down, delete, page down for basic movement’, in my defence I have been using the keys for over 13 years, and thus I challenge you to a round of quake to prove that I am not a newb. Moving on, the solution to binding the Delete key in Mass Effect 2. Please read all the way through and follow this guide exactly otherwise Mass Effect 2 will not load up.

First download notepad++, standard windows Notepad is not only a complete mess but does not seem to save the file correctly resulting in ME2 not loading up. Locate the following file, Coalesced.ini which can be found in (your Steam folder)/steamapps/common/mass effect 2/BioGame/Config/PC/Cooked/ if you purchased it via Steam, or if you have a retail copy then (where you installed it)/BioGame/Config/PC/Cooked/. At this point I suggest making a backup copy of the file, one change to this file can stop Mass Effect 2 from loading.

Once you have a copy, open the original Coalesced.ini using Notepad++. Search for the text [SFXGame.SFXGameModeDefault_INT] and the first line below it should be LocalizedBindings=( Name=”A”, Command=”PC_StrafeLeft” ), change the “A” to “Delete”. This is not the end, you must now make sure the number of characters in this file matches when you first loaded it up, so as we have added 5 extra characters binding the delete key (“A” minus “Delete” = 5 extra characters “elete“). Somewhere we need to remove 5 characters so the total character count adds up. I kept it simple by finding a bind with 5 characters, search for the following text, Bindings=( Name=”Seven”, Command=”PC_HotKey7″ ) and simply delete the 5 chars by deleting the entire word “Seven”. This will unbind the key 7 but you can sort that out when you get back into Mass Effect 2.

Next step is to load up Mass Effect 2, go to Extras, Options, Key Bindings. Click “Restore Defaults” at the bottom of the screen, as the change we made above is now hard coded into the default key layout. You will find Strafe Left is now bound to Delete, so now just go through and bind your surrounding keys, and don’t forget to rebind that 7 key we deleted earlier!

This has wasted hours of my playing time, so I am eager to get back in. Frustrated with my lack of natural control without my key layout I felt someone else out there may benefit from this! Let me know if this helps, this guide can be used to bind the BackSpace or Delete key, to any possible command as long as you follow the basic rules outlined above and maintain that char count and use a decent editor like Notepad++. Have fun, Mass Effect 2 is proving to be just as good as every review out there is saying. Shepherd out.

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