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Dear Esther Ending (Spoiler Alert)

The End...yes this is it...for all of us! A black screen.

This is the ending of Dear Esther. If you are sat there for a few minutes wondering WTF? or maybe you have opened up a browser within Steam to google the question ‘Dear Esther black screen ending? Then yes. This is it. A black screen. This is not a bug, its the end for all of us (ooohhh that’s deep!)

If you are bored why not quick save at this screen (F6) and then quick load (F7), this will totally freak you out as it will load up with you just staring at the sky! WTF? I don’t know but there is a huge discussion on the Steam forums here.

Even without this deep analysis of the ‘game’ I thoroughly enjoyed Dear Esther all the way through. For me it’s one of the first games where you can just sit back and enjoy the art that normally fly’s by as you speed through levels blasting everything in sight. This is just a peaceful journey with great atmosphere, superb art and some kind of story that you have to make your own opinion of. It kind of reminds me of that other non-game Dinner Date, but in comparison I enjoyed Dear Esther a lot more. The visuals and atmosphere are stunning, along with a traditional first person ‘shooter’ view and a perfect choice of narrator, overall this is my favorite non-game ‘game’, of the 2 non-game ‘games’ I have ever played. Long live the non-game ‘game’ genre!

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