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You Can’t Marry Karita in Skyrim

If you visit Dawnstar, and pop into the Windpeak Inn you will meet Karita. You may be taken back by her slutty dress and natural Nord beauty and think this is the one for me, this is who I want to marry! Beware, it’s a trap. Do not think you can charm this women by completing every quest in Dawnstar. Even if you become the Thane of Dawnstar, and even if you help Karita’s father with his pointless chores, it won’t work. You can’t marry Karita! Wearing the Amulet of Mara is supposed to get you girls right? Well not this one. All she does is sing and tease, and waste hours off your life in the dump that is Dawnstar! Move on to the next one, just saying!

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