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Quake 3 on Android – Droid / Milestone has the power

Days after I get Quake 2 running on Android, Quake 3 pops up on the 14th anniversary of qtest. Perfect marketing timing if this was an official iD release but alas its a hack from the community. Check out for full details on the project. Its quite simple to get running, and also works on the G1 and probably a few other Android devices.

Simply install to your Droid/G1 or other Android device. Create a directory named ‘quake3’ in the root of your micro SD card and another directory within this called ‘baseq3’. Dig out your old Quake 3 CD, or download the demo on your PC. Look in the install directory within the baseq3 folder, find and copy the pak0.pk3 to your newly created baseq3 directory on your SD card. Then download the latest Q3 patch 1.32 and pull the pak1.pk3 to pak8.pk3 files out and copy those over to the same baseq3 directory on your SD card. Put your SD card back in your Android phone, load up the newly installed kwaak3 and enjoy.

Be prepared to be zapped back in time as the opening screen loads, all it took was the 4 crashes out of the speaker and I was filled with nostalgia. Memories of the good ol’days came rushing back, Barrysworld leagues and ISDN, hpb’s and Voodoo 3’s. It runs surprisingly well, not as smooth as Quake 2 does but this is/was a much more advanced engine. More proof the Droid is a capable gaming platform! The graphics are all there, the mirror effect in the opening level, even the view in the portal works. The frame rate is quite low, but playable. Controls are not the best as you can see from my attempts at taking out a bot below, albeit single handed.

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cg_lagometer 2


Today, after over 10 years, I discovered cg_lagometer 2 as opposed to cg_lagometer 1. Whether this is a new Quake Live feature or has always been there I do not know. But the visual number displaying the ping in the lagometer is a great discovery.  It can be accessed in the menu via game settings> advanced> and click Draw Lagometer through to advanced or by bring down the console and typing \cg_lagometer 2.

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