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Tinker Review – Free Achievements & Gamerscore

Download this game for FREE, get FREE gamerscore

Games For Windows Live is throwing a second surprise my way this week. A free puzzle game available on the front page of the GFWL client, complete with free gamerscore! Tinker, although slightly buggy and a tad puzzling at first (ed; it is a puzzle game), this game became great fun and can easily help you lose a few hours.

The idea is to navigate Tinker the robot through increasingly more difficult puzzles by turning, moving forward and pressing switches within time and power constraints. With these limited controls you can navigate the most complex of levels, melting ice blocks with lasers, detonating bombs and teleporting, all whilst taking in the view of funky surreal landscapes and a cute robot.

Everyone loves robots, and since Braid, everyone loves puzzle games. I guess Microsoft put two and two together and decided to cash in on the indie puzzle genre, without cashing in, and offering it for free? Whatever the idea, this is a great game, with cute artwork and addictive gameplay. And of course did I mention you get free gamerscore with this? 200g is up for grabs, but I challenge anyone to get all of these achievements without punching a mass effect sized hole in their monitor. This game becomes painfully difficult once you pass the first couple of sets (20 levels per set) and most sane people will give up trying to get the ‘Perfection Achieved’ or ‘Mastermind’ achievement.

Not quite as genre defining as Braid or a World of Goo replacement, but certainly worth a go if not for the fact that its free, but for the gamerscore, that’s also free!

8/10 Free Gamerscore! Worth a download just for that.

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Crayon Physics Deluxe Pay Want You Want Birthday

Drawing with crayons is fun!

Following in the footsteps of World Of Goo, Crayon Physics Deluxe (where is the standard version?) is up on a ‘Pay What You Want’ birthday deal until the 15th January 2010.  Still selling for £15.99 on Steam this game can now be had for any price you feel appropriate. Just donate via paypal on the Crayon Physics homepage and you will shortly receive an email with a link to a secret download (albeit if the servers have calmed down) and a secret key, what the secret is all about I have no idea, but it made me feel important!

The aim of the game is to get a ball to reach a star on each map, with nothing but your trusty crayon collection, choice of colours selectable by scrolling the mouse wheel, great touch if you are a fan of just blue or green! By drawing objects, lines, pins, hammers and strings you can reach most of these stars in less than a few minutes, but each map provides that little bit extra thought, which keeps you playing until you realise what time it is.

Three and a half hours later you will find yourself where I am, on completion of the suitably titled final map ‘the end?’, you will realise you do not have the 120 stars to get to the center island. Despite spending all that time playing with crayons like an infant you need to go back and impossibly complete all the maps again with incredibly strict rules like drawing only one object, or not using any pins! Impossible you say! I agree. I managed to rack up a few extra stars replaying some basic levels with these restrictions but not enough to get that magic 120 stars.

This is a great indie title, one of the best and suitably awarded Independent Games Festival Grand Prize Winner 2008. It will take you back to your youth by using crayons, which you probably have not touched since primary school. Close the doors, turn off your smart or superphone, sit back and enjoy the relaxing sound track, and be prepared to easily lose half a day playing through the entire game without getting frustrate ala World of Goo. Get this whilst it is ‘Pay What You Want’, and remember to donate generously as 1pence will no doubt cost the wonderfull developers Kloonigames more in paypal fees!

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