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WordPress for Android – bye bye wpToGo

WordPress for Android official 1.0 release

An update for wpToGo on Android Market is showing a friendly reminder that the product is being discontinued. The author Roundhill Labs are now working on the open source newly released WordPress app which can be found by searching ‘WordPress’ on the Android market or visiting

Infact I’m typing this post from the new WordPress app from my G1 and it works great, the interface is refreshed making it feel brighter and faster. This app is perfect for updating your blog or blogs on the go, with multiple account and username functions. Setup is even easier now too, just type in your URL, username and password and you are ready to post. The revised comment system works very well, with a long press bringing up an adjustment menu to give you the ability to approve or trash a comment instantly. So uninstall wpToGo and get the new WordPress app now, free on Android Market.

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WordPress 2.8.6 and wptogo

Ok so I am posting this from my android device using wptogo, after succesfully updating wordpress from 2.6 to 2.8.6. My host seem to be really sluggish since the update, strange? Anyway just as the upgrade tutorial says, I am posting about my completed upgrade and taking a moment to sit back in my creaky chair.


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