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Zombie Driver Demo is like GTA 1 & L4D

GTA 1 meets L4D

If you were a great fan of the top down Grand Theft Auto original like me,  you will love Zombie Driver. The demo now out on Steam or direct from the publisher is enough of a taster to help you make the choice to go all out for the full game currently at £6.99 (I stuck with just the demo…for now).

Oh no another zombie game I hear you cry, which is true, zombies are popping up in every game release, just like vampires are in all new films or TV series (thanks Twilight). Have we had enough zombies? Yes but just like in real life (?), zombies keep coming because that’s what zombies do. So grab your car keys, fire up your engines and put your foot to the floor. You see Zombie Driver is different, it lets you drive over as many zombies as possible ala GTA, preferably whilst doing a hand brake turn leaving the by now standard ‘blood skid marks’.

And this is where L4D and L4D2 failed, it had only guns, Zombie Driver has cars, and the ability to ‘pimp your ride’ with mods such as nitros, guns, and those bull bars that were banned in the UK many years ago. What are you waiting for, download Zombie Driver Demo now for a much needed break from Left 4 Dead 2.

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