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I think what turned me from gamer to hardcore gamer was Quake 3. Yes I did play doom on my hand built 486 jumping out of my pants at the internal speaker beep, yes I did play Super Mario on NES and yes I spent all my time and 20 pence coins at the local arcades playing Street Fighter 2. But the turning point for me has to be Quake 3 beta, forcing a spiral of events like upgrading to ISDN, running a clan, playing for a division 1 barrysworld CTF clan and spending time & money trying to reach that magical 333fps.

Since the glory days of Q3a I have opened up to all platforms and genres, you can always find me idle or not on

Steam (Lc1982)

Battlenet (StarCraft2 id LcLc.633)

Xbox Live (gamertag LcLc)

PS3 (LcLc01)

Kongregate (id LcLc)

Youtube (LcLc01)

Twitter @gamdo


A hardcore gamer since 1993, I’ve played through most best-selling games including all IDSoftware releases, 3DRealms, Blizzard and Activision releases. I thoroughly enjoy FPS games when I’m pumped up and RTS games for when I’m in a more relaxed state.

Battlenet (StarCraft 2)