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I think what turned me from gamer to hardcore gamer was Quake 3. Yes I did play doom on my hand built 486 jumping out of my pants at the internal speaker beep, yes I did play Super Mario on NES and yes I spent all my time and 20 pence coins at the local arcades playing Street Fighter 2. But the turning point for me has to be Quake 3 beta, forcing a spiral of events like upgrading to ISDN, running a clan, playing for a division 1 barrysworld CTF clan and spending time & money trying to reach that magical 333fps.

Since the glory days of Q3a I have opened up to all platforms and genres, you can always find me idle or not on

Battlenet (StarCraft2 id LcLc.633)

Twitter @gamdo


A hardcore gamer since 1993, I’ve played through most best-selling games including all IDSoftware releases, 3DRealms, Blizzard and Activision releases. I thoroughly enjoy FPS games when I’m pumped up and RTS games for when I’m in a more relaxed state.

Battlenet (StarCraft 2)